Baking Christmas Treats for my Coworkers

Every year I bake 48 Christmas cupcakes and choc chips, sugar and gingerbread cookies to share with my coworkers. When they see all the goodies, they get big smiles. Knowing that I am the one that made them smile makes me feel so great! EML

1:22 pm

Hanna and Maisy

Last Christmas, my baby sister Hanna kept asking for a Strawberry Shortcake doll. When she opened it on Christmas morning, she was the happiest kid I’ve ever seen in my life. She started to shake and scream and whimper “IT’S STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE” And ever since, that has been my favorite part of Christmas. Watching how happy my baby sister gets when she opens what she really really wanted…<3 EML

1:21 pm

A Festive Facebook Folly

My profile picture on facebook is me holding up a huge saw. I think it freaked out some people at school until I told them I had just cut down my family’s Christmas tree at that moment. Elf My Life

4:57 pm

Reindeer Glitter

Every year my daughter comes home from school with a little pouch of gold glitter and stars. On Christmas Eve we sprinkle it around the garden, this way the reindeer will see it glittering in the moonlight and know where to land. EML

3:35 pm

Everyone Get ELFED!

Here in Missaukee County MI, we are the 3rd largest Christmas Tree producers in the U.S!  I’ve had my tree up for 2 weeks.  My presents have been wrapped for a week.  I spent 4 hours making gingerbread cookies last weekend!  At work this week, we are having Festive Friday!  I’m taking cookies & making my employees lunch.  We are giving special sale prices at our store to all who wear something festive!  Everyone needs to be ELFED!  Wish I could be there to get ELFED with Kay Gowenlock, costumer for the show!!! We need a soundtrack!!! EML

11:52 am

A Creature Was Stirring

When my kids were young one year we labored for THREE days making a gingerbread house. Success. It looked absolutely beautiful. Everyone who visited admired it so I decided to preserve it & after New Year’s wrapped it in tissue & sealed it in a cardboard box.  Fast forward to the following Christmas: I opened the box & the house was gone except for a few crumbs & a couple of pieces of gum we had used for the roof. Gee, I didn’t remember using any small, round, brown dots on the house. Then it occurred to me that we had housed what must have been a very fat mouse with blood sugar issues at some point!  Now we just buy gingerbread houses & toss them out. We laughed for a week over that one! EML

11:49 am

Green Ceiling

Five years ago as we were undecorating our beautiful tree we noticed tiny movements. The small cocoons throughout the branches heated up during the season from the tree lights & out marched about 1500 microscopic preying mantises. Even at this size they had attitude & climbed to the very top, across the angel & on to the ceiling which turned almost opaque green. You never know what the holidays bring. EML

4:11 pm

Every Year

Every year on christmas eve i go to my aunts house. Last year we spent the whole night quoting the Elf movie. Night well spent. EML

4:07 pm


I love putting up the christmas tree cause it’s so much fun. And seeing all the lights on the Christams tree it always brings back so many memories of the old Christmas from long long time ago Christmas. And I love opening presents on both days Christmas Eve. and Christmas Day it’s fun to be with family and friends all around the Christmas tree  :)….Yeah so Christmas is very cool when it comes around every year.  :)…

11:36 am

Christmas Cheer Any Time of the Year

My best buddy, my lab, Libby died in August three years ago. I was so heartbroken to lose her. One August night “Elf” was on and my daughter said to watch it because it is so funny. I am forever a fan of “Elf” now. Watch it every time I feel sad and it makes me laugh so hard! My daughter and I saw the play Saturday and although no one can replace Will Ferrell, it was hilarious! Odd to be in a packed New York theater with fellow “Elf” lovers!!! EML

12:10 pm